Back up and store essential company data with greater ease and better security.

Storing data presents unique challenges in a world where information can be easily copied. Backing up important digital assets is a step in the right direction to ensure your business’s optimal performance.

Our data backup solutions are just what you need. CyberXP has the technology, facilities, and expertise to be your dependable partner for off-site data storage and protection. Through data backup, you ensure the preservation and recovery of key digital assets in case of equipment failure, cyber-attacks, hardware and software sabotage, catastrophes, and unforeseen circumstances. You also get the added benefit of lesser workloads on your IT staff, lower data transmission costs, and increased workforce productivity. 

Through cloud technology, we provide you with on-demand and efficient data backups. You get to set your storage capacity, number of users and servers, levels of access, and even transmission bandwidth on scalable fees. Above all, you can have greater confidence in your data’s security.

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