We know the value of data and digital assets. That is why we help businesses like yours protect them.
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Our Mission

To join the leading institutions in the industry in advancing businesses through the optimization of cybersecurity and digital asset protection, allowing various commercial and private bodies to maintain their integrity and maximize their potential.

In a highly digital world, your business’s assets may be targets to malicious entities. You need the help of a cybersecurity expert to provide the security measures you need.

CyberXP does just that. We assist public and private clients in securing data and digital assets to maintain their integrity and achieve their business objectives. We specialize in creating industry-specific solutions that uniquely address security issues and capacitating businesses toward better and sustainable safety measures.

Our cybersecurity solutions span the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, utilizing and customizing programs that allow clients to detect, assess, and control potential threats before they escalate and cause severe damage to their operations. With years of expertise and modern software technology, we have what you need to keep your assets safe and ensure your continued progress.

We have over 30 years of experience installing and servicing computer networks, both hardware, and software.
CyberXP has the following security advantages:

  • Member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Inc. (ISACA)
  • University of Miami Graduate of the Cyber Security Professional program.
  • University of Miami CIW- Certified Internet Webmaster program.
  • Experience with physical and computer network security.
  • Military experience in Air-ground electronics warfare communications.
  • Owner served in the United States Marine Corp.
  • Held Secret Clearance during military service.
  • Owner has a Clear Level 2 background check with the FBI.

Quality Solutions for Optimized Security

We know the risks businesses face in integrating Information Technology into their operations. That is why we offer a high level of technical support, consultation, and leadership in designing and maintaining digital security systems.

When you work with us, you tap into the prowess of professionals well-versed in seven critical IT components of a business, namely:

  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Management
  • Policy Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Incident Response Management

Do not leave your digital assets open to cyber threats. Our expertise in protecting complex information systems will ensure the continued progress and success of your endeavors.

Take Charge of Your Security

Access the cybersecurity solutions you need for your business. Dial 786-357-1690 or set an appointment to learn how you can optimize your security system today.